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    Welcome to China General Machinery Industry Association!



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    In the April of 1989, approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China, China General Machinery Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as "CGMA") was registered and enrolled as national entity with legal person social organization.


    CGMA is a large industry association with unconstraint joined enterprises, producing pumps, fans and blowers, compressors, valves, gas separation & liquefaction plants, gas purification equipments, vacuum-gain & vacuum application equipments, filtration & separation machineries, drying equipments, variable speed machineries, dissolution acetylene plants and correlative industries and manufactures, and constitutes of institutes, engineering and commercial corporations, capital manage companies, social parties and academies. CGMA is the sole national industrial association for the above-mentioned general machinery industries.


    Our Tenets: 

    Obey and execute national laws and rules, connect the corporations with government, impel the development of general machinery industry, serve for government and association members; maintain the rights of machinery industry and its members, feedback their minds, wills and needs.


    Our tasks:


    Investigate and study the complexion of the reform and the development in our industry, provide schemes and advices for government on making renovation projects, developmental programs, industry rules and laws, technical standards, etc.


    Trace and research the correlative industrial technology, economic rules and laws, feedback government member’s minds in time, and offer advices to improvement.


    Help communicating and debating the experiences and innovations of reformation and management among members. Diagnose and supervise them to deepen reformation, to consummate managing ideas, and so to cheer them on building up modern enterprise system and enhance their power in competition.


    After been submitted, we will investigate, research and demonstrate ahead those important programs of insurance, restructure and exploitation executed in our industry, and provide suggestions. CGMA will identify and check those programs. We provide recommendatory suggestions before clients purchasing and bidding.


    Synthesize and analysis the information of our industry. Analysis, study and communicate the knowledge of technology and economy points and the situation of movement. We will find out and grasp variably the information of general machinery market and of technical improvement and equipment abroad or inboard in time, and predict and foretell that. Otherwise, the CGMA serve State and corporations for decision-making by information.


    Conduct international and national exhibitions of industry. To exploit the market, we also organize to attend or visit international exhibitions.


    Serve for national and corporations’ technical advancement by organizing to communicate and study techniques, so that to generalize our new products, new technology and new materials, etc. After been submitted, we also identify and check those new products, new techniques and new scientific pursues.


    Organize to conduct international intercourse of economy and technology by variable ways, and to investigate aboard, promoting the international communication and cooperation.


    Serve for enterprises’ development by training on individual, technique and careers, etc. and by services of consultative and technical.


    Compile, edit and publish journals, annals and special professional datum.


    Help correlative sections to establish and emend the standards of vocational technique, quality control, economy and management, etc. and promote that to be acted on. We will also publicize those advance standards, and push them to be identified.


    Help government to collect and feedback the information of products, and to serve for enterprise, enhancing the quality of product by diagnosis, consultation and technique. In the industry, we inspect and evaluate the quality of products directly by government, and commend high quality products to national and international market.


    We attach ourselves to emit license and to ensure products, and to track the situation of manufacture environment and the status of quality control, so that to provide suggestion for rectifying those problem enterprises as grounds for sections counterchecking and changing cards.


    We establish vocational rules and laws based on industrial characteristics, found vocational self-conscious system, and normalize self-managed behaviors, furthermore, promote to compete impartially.


    Exchange information and correspond relationship inside, and impel enterprises to better the capital structure, and adjust productive structure in reason, and further vocational structure adjustment.


    Conduct to anti-dump, counter-subsidy and to provide supports, so protecting and supporting the development of industry and corporations.


    Organize and participate in market construction of industry product.


           Other things entrusted by Chinese Government. .

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    • Email:chenxi@cgmia.org.cn
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