Research Updates 5/7/17

Sorry for the delay in posts recently.  My wife and I were in the middle of a move from India back to the US so time was tight.

Going forward in an effort to better monetize my content, we will be not be posting many new free ideas.  We may post one or two free ideas as marketing but we will be using different avenues to distribute our research and .  Updates will be produced for ideas that have been on the website as necessary.  We also continue to post the weekly commentary and any non-coverage research we produce.

If you are interested in our research,  please contact me at We will be producing 1 idea a month in the Emerging Market Small Cap universe. The research will be similar to the recent shorter research reports on GMA, A Soriano, and Stalexport Autostrady as the longer 50-60 initiation research reports makes 1 idea a month very difficult.

Please contact me if any you have any questions, and feedback on the research product is always welcome.



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